Specht Böhm mentors Law Students at Mock Contract Negotiations

Specht Böhm recently mentored a team of high-performing law students from the University of Vienna – Faculty of Law participating in the mock contract negotiations “ELSA Seal the Deal! – the M&A Contract Competition” of the Vienna chapter of the European Law Students‘ Association, the world’s largest independent law students‘ Association.

The event took place from March to June 2014. Teams consisting of three students simulated a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transaction that included two teams which negotiated a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA). One team represented the seller and the other the purchaser. Goal of the event was for teams to prepare an annotated draft of a SPA and debate the draft in front of an expert jury.

Specht Böhm lawyers Markus Haberfellner, Philipp Baubin and Lukas Moser advised a team consisting of Christina Pollak, Lisa Reisch and Maximilian Nausch who represented the purchaser. Team Specht Böhm was pre-eminent in drafting a solid SPA as well as engaging in skilled verbal negotiations.

Specht Böhm 2014 Elsa Group

Team Specht Böhm: Lisa Reisch, Christina Pollak, Lukas Moser of Specht Böhm, Maximillian Nausch

“I was very pleased to witness the level of commitment, eagerness and tenacity that the students demonstrated throughout the competition”, said Lukas Moser after the finals on 10 June 2014.

Specht Böhm strongly believes in the benefits of academic activities and sharing our knowledge and experience with the next generation of young lawyers. “ELSA Seal the Deal! – the M&A Contract Competition” provided an ideal platform to equip law students with a comprehensive insight into the field of drafting and negotiating a SPA as part of a M&A transaction.