Attic Conversions and Co-owner Rights

New Austrian Supreme Court Judgment on the Conversion of Attics into Penthouse

The conversion of building attics into penthouses represents a means of urban renewal in Austria increasing in popularity and economic importance. Realtors, investors, urban planners and city dwellers all have a stake in court decisions determining who has what say in the matter.

SPECHT BÖHM attorney, Melanie Perchtold, and associate, Florian Heindler, have commented on the most recent Supreme Court judgment (5 Ob 16/12) in the Austrian journal Der Mieter. The article concerns the judgement and whether co-owners of a property can be forced to accept attic conversions and to what extent. In their “Gastkommentar,” Melanie Perchtold and Florian Heindler also take a look at earlier decisions on the topic providing a well-rounded overview of the issue.

Link to German article in Der Mieter, pages 6-8