Invitation by Austrian Ambassador to Present Upcoming Revisions of the Russian Civil Code at the Austrian Embassy in Moscow

By invitation of the Austrian ambassador, Dr. Margot Klestil-Löffler, members of the firm, Dr. Leopold Specht and Florian Heindler, presented key changes to corporate law provisions that will be introduced in an upcoming revision of the Russian Civil Code. The presentation on 26 January 2011 was based on insights gained through the firm’s active participation in the Working Group on Russian Civil Code convened in our Vienna office on 17 and 18 June 2010. The Working Group brought together Russian and international law experts such as Prof. Doralt, Prof. Rummel, Prof. Suchanov and Honorable Sergey Sarbasch to review possible modifications to the law. Austrian business professionals representing leading Austrian investors and corporations doing business in the Russian Federation attended last week’s event at the embassy in Moscow to gain a better understanding about what the approaching changes will mean for their businesses in Russia.

For more information on the changes or for questions concerning your business in the Russian Federation, please contact Florian Heindler at our office at . Questions to Mr. Heindler may be directed in English, German or Russian.