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On July 2, Specht Böhm's Vienna office hosted a delegation from the Turkish Ministry of Justice as part of a study visit organized by the “German Foundation for international legal cooperation” (IRZ) in the framework of the EU project "Improved Court Expert System in Turkey".  Mr. Yüksel Hiz, the Deputy Undersecretary of the Turkish Ministry of Justice headed the delegation composed of aVppr. 15 high ...


SPECHT BÖHM Turkish attorney, Ceyda Akbal Schwimann, writes about changes to the Turkish Commercial Code regarding group companies in the April edition of the Austrian legal journal Eastlex. On 1 July 2012, Turkey introduced a new Commercial Code along with a new Code of Obligations. One of the most important changes introduced by the new Turkish Commercial Code concerns the ...


Specht Rechtsanwalt GmbH is pleased to announce that it has expanded its operations to Turkey. Under the direction of Ceyda Schwimann, a Turkish lawyer working in our Vienna office, we have been providing legal services regarding Turkish law to our clients since 2008. We have recently established our own office in Istanbul to better service our clients. Working closely with ...